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about us

This company was founded on the principle that consumers deserve a break from their debts without having to be pillaged by high attorney fees.

Going bankruptcy is hard enough but becoming a vehicle for an attorney to line their pocket book outrageously is just too much. Someone needs to stand up for the average person struggling with debt.

Often times, the word cheap is associated with poor quality but the filing of bankruptcy is one exception. Bankruptcy filing is a service that is driven by the operation of law, so it is not dependent on the oratory of a lawyer. It is dependent strictly on the quality of the documents.

A few decades ago before the internet, our founders managed the back-office bankruptcy support to many bankruptcy lawyers. This meant that after the lawyer made the sales to the customer, they contracted us to handle everything else, from preparing the documents, to arranging for appearance-attorney representation to case management. These lawyers often charged upwards of $2,000.

With the advent of the Internet, we expanded our operation to bringing affordable bankruptcy preparation to the cash strapped masses.

In the two decades of the public Internet, we have prepared many thousands of consumer bankruptcies and brought need relief to so many. 


If you have not already done so, you can visit the popular Chapter 7 Reviews site to compare us to the other bankruptcy sites.


Our model of service is known as full-service. This is because our service does not stop after we have completed the documents. It continues all the way to the discharge of the debts and even after the case has been closed. Our post-bankruptcy help also includes providing resources for our customers to get back on their feet.

Give us the opportunity to help you get debt free through bankruptcy.