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It takes the team effort of

our document experts,

customer support specialists

and quality control

technicians to make your

bankruptcy filing an easy

and hassle-free experience


Ours products and services are aimed to providing chapter 7 and chapter 13 full-service bankruptcy preparation.

We prepare the documents for you so that all you do is sign them and turn them into the bankruptcy court.

Our documents include all the schedules, from A to J and all the other statements and documents required by the federal bankruptcy rules.

Because we prepare the documents for you, all you do is sign your name and file them with the bankruptcy court in your area.

We do not offer a do it yourself software solution. First there is no genuine bankruptcy software on the market designed for consumers. A few that claim to be software sell  the same plain forms that anyone can download from the court web site for free. You can tell them because they are usually priced around $49.

We also provide other enrichment services attached to our core bankruptcy products.

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